A Recent Sunday School Graduation


Graduate Jennifer Barthole

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"Child Laborers" from the Sunday School

The Ethical Culture Society of Essex County


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      Ethics for Children Sunday School

      The Ethical Culture Society of Essex County, a humanist religious and educational institution dedicated to the ethical life, offers a Sunday School for children ages 5 - 13.
      The curriculum incorporates drama, music, storytelling and art to help the children explore such topics as family, self identity, getting along with other people, making decisions, and other cultures and religions. The Sunday School has classes divided by age group that utilize material from Ethical Culture Societies around the country as well as from a curriculum developed and approved by parents and teachers at Montclair State University. Students are introduced to the value of good human relations, respect for differences, and examination of moral ideals. The goals of the program are to affirm the worth and dignity of each person; to explore values like honesty, integrity, sharing, caring, and commitment; to promote understanding and appreciation of diversity; to inspire social responsibility; to develop the child's identity as part of a community sharing humanistic values; to learn about the ethical teachings coming from all the world's religions and secular philosophies; and to help children learn how to act on their values– in other words, to help children find their way in our complex but fascinating world.
The Sunday School meets on Sunday mornings from 11:00 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. at the Society building at the corner of Prospect Street and Parker Avenue in Maplewood. Children of Non-Members and Members are welcome. For more information, call 973-763-1905.
















  The Y.E.S. teen group (Youth Ethical Society) is for ninth graders and up. It is facilitated by an adult leader, but the group plans its own activities, which include discussions, a fall week-end with youth of other Ethical Societies, and special activities like offering a program to the whole Society.


Members of the Youth Group in 2003

Jill Fox Youth Group leader

Anne and Joseph 2005