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A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what IS the Ethical Culture Society of Essex County?
Keep reading, or click here.

How do I learn more about Ethical Culture?
Come and visit us!   We have meetings at 11:00 AM every Sunday morning from the first Sunday after Labor Day until late June. Check out the programs at Sunday Morning Platform Schedule. You might also visit the site of the national organization, the American Ethical Union.

Do you have clergy?
We have leaders who can peform marriages and give counselling.

What other programs do you have?
Lots! Click here for social action or explore the website.

How do I become a member?
First, come to some of our progams and talk to our members. For more information, click here.


The Ethical Culture Society of Essex County is a welcoming and inclusive community of people who join together to explore ethical ideas and ideals and to support each other through life's joys and life's sorrows. Together we try to make the world a better place for ourselves and our children. Visit us any Sunday from September through June at 11:00 AM for a lecture or panel followed by discussion and coffee.

We are a religious and educational institution, welcoming and inclusive, dedicated to the idea that the highest human ideal is to act so as to elicit the best in others-- and thus in ourselves. We leave beliefs about the supernatural to the individual conscience; we focus our attention on living an ethical life in this world. We do not, however, do this in isolation, but by joining together in a community. At our Sunday morning platforms we have talks by leaders from other societies as well as by guests from many organizations and many walks of life. Sometimes instead of lectures, we have panels of people with personal stories to share. The morning concludes with open discussion and a coffee hour.

We have many other programs as well, including an active social action committee and various social events. We are always changing, and always seeking ways to recognize and honor the worth and dignity of each human being.

To join, get to know us by attending and participating in platforms and other activities.  Call the office at 973-763-1905.

For more on the philosophy underlying Ethical Culture, read some FAQ's put together by the national organization.  Also, try this link to the Ethical Culture Society in St. Louis. The most complete online source of history, philosphy, and further information comes from the site of the American Ethical Union.