Carolyn Dorfman showing Dance pieces 1-25-15



Juanita Martin, Pamela Booker, Martha Gallahue: 1-18-15 program

Solidarity Singers: The Union Makes Us Strong!


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A Note on Theosophy

A past speaker at Ethical, Barbara Velasquez, is an active Theosophist. She writers to say that the Theosophist Society is composed of students belonging to any religion or to none. Its members are united by their approval of the Society's Three Objects, by their wish to remove religious antagonisms and to draw together people of goodwill whatsoever their religious opinions, and by their desire to study religious truths and to share the results of their studies with others.

Their bond of union is not the profession of a common belief, but a common search and aspiration for Truth. In accordance with the Theosophical spirit, most Theosophists regard Truth as a prize to be striven for, not as a dogma to be imposed by authority. They hold that belief should be the result of individual understanding and intuition rather than mere acceptance of traditional ideas, and that it should rest on knowledge and experience, not on assertion. Truth should therefore be sought by study, reflection, meditation, service, purity of life, and devotion to high ideals.

A t the same time, Theosophists respect the different beliefs. They see each religion as an expression of the Divine Wisdom, adapted to the needs of a particular time and place. They prefer the study of various religions to their condemnation, their practice to proselytism. Thus, earnest Theosophists extend tolerance to all, even to the intolerant, not as a privilege they bestow but as a duty they perform. They seek to remove ignorance, not punish it; peace is their watchword, and Truth their aim.

The local group meets in Maplewood from Mid September thru June on Thursdays from 7-9.

For more information, see .http://www.theosophical.org/ or email Barbara at velazqba1@verizon.net .



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Follow-up to Our Platforms:

Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company
2013 Gala Benefit and Performance

World Interfaith Harmony Event

We're in the News: Tina Kelley Reads

We're In the News: Latest News Articles about
Essex Ethical and Our Speakers:

Tina Kelley Reads

Blog Entry about the Time Bank Program!
An Article about the Arts Fair for Children



News from Bob Bender

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Third Saturday Arts and
Sandy Relief Fund Art Show





This quilt is on loan to the Sandy Relief Fund Art Show from Laura Williams, an 83-year-old grandmother from Virginia. Clarence Williams, Mrs. William's son, lives in Maplewood along with his wife, Dr. Dione Williams



For New Jersey Residents: Lovely folks will take away your
old books
and get them to people who need them!

AEU's Fall Issue of Dialogue is now online!

An Online Game for Global Good!

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Vimeo of Betty Levin's September 16 Platform

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Vimeo of Betty Levin's September 16 Platform
Fred Sebastian Memorial
Meredith Sue Willis Talk on Political Novel
Building a Relationship: ECS & Valley Settlement House

Thank you, Gus Lindquist


Progress Report for Essex Time Exchange

 Fifty-three members have exchanged eighty-six hours.!

Twenty-five people ranging in age from 2 months to octogenarians, both new and experienced members of the Essex Time Exchange, convened at Ethical Culture on Ground Hog's Day to meet each other in real time and to swap services. It was an informative event wherein folks were introduced to each other and matched needed services with eager providers. Mathilde Benveniste, who serves as the coordinator, led the group through a hands-on online tutorial on the use of the computer to list and search for member services, and communicate with other time bank members.

According to the rules of time banking, no money changes hands in these transactions. It is a friendly exchange of services, measured in hours only. The Essex Time Exchange is a project that was originated here and is supported by our social action committee.

All are welcome to join!!!


For Memorial information and pictures about our late
member Fred Sebstian, click here.






Sandy Relief Art Show Continues--

See Art Works in Public Spaces at the Society

The Sandy Relief Fund Art Show uses the transformative power of the arts to bring us together in common purpose as we struggle to understand and cope with our changing world. 

Sandy Relief Fund

Art Show Events




lnovemsky@comcast.net   973 763-8293


Folk Arts Fridays

at Ethical

Sing-along and jam with friends

Second Fridays of each month

(September through June)

Ethical Culture Society

516 Prospect St

Maplewood, NJ 07040

7:30 PM

lnovemsky@comcast.net   973 763-8293

bring acoustic string and rhythm instruments

join in playing, singing, or listening with us bring some refreshments to share


Folk Fridays have expanded to invite all crafts people in the society

to come and listen to music while doing crafts! Everyone is invited!




11:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Chair Yoga




Over 1000 civil society participants participated in the World Interfaith Harmony Event sponsored by the World Peace Prayer Society. This event was convened by the President of the General Assembly Mr Vuk Jeremic to honor World Interfaith Harmony Week and was inaugurated by Jordan. Under Secretary-­‐General Jan Eliassan represented Secretary-­‐General Ban ki Moon. Eleven major religious traditions delivered 30 second affirmations of belief and commitment to inter-­‐ religious peace from their own faith perspectives. They were Indigenous, Baha'I, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Humanist, Jain, Jew, Muslim, Sikh and Zororastrian. Ethical Culture through National Ethical Service represented the Humanist Affirmation. Lucy Schmitz, NES Youth representative delivered the address from the podium. Lucy, member of Ethical Society of Essex County is a Youth Intern with National Ethical Service.

Image of participants in World Interfaith Harmony Event

Ethical Peace Affirmation

Video of Lucy at the UN: http://webtv.un.org/watch/united-for-a-culture-of-peace-through-interfaith-harmony/2165451739001/

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We're In the News: Latest News Articles about
Essex Ethical and Our Speakers:

Tina Kelley Reads

Blog Entry about the Time Bank Program!
An Article about the Arts Fair for Children



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